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Sunday, 11 November 2012

The Two Cooks

Hi! Welcome to Two Cooks One Blog. We, the two cooks, are Jess and Tom. Originally from the south-west, we are both in our fourth year of studying in Manchester (yep, holding on to student discount, lie-ins and school night drinking for as long as possible). I, Jess, am doing a masters in Translational Medicine. I'll let you know when I find out what that means. And Tom is in his final year of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology after an initial year doing economics. 

I have been wheat intolerant for around four years. I'm not coeliac, so a biscuit wouldn't kill me, but a bowl of pasta would hurt like hell. And Tom has been vegan for 6 months. Ish. Probably more, but he has been known to suspend  veganism for the occasional sushi night. Hey, nobody's perfect. 

I'd love to be vegan myself, but I really like meat (and fish and cheese and milk and chocolate). And Tom eats wheat flour when I'm not there. So our recipes are a mix of gluten free, vegan and both. And maybe sometimes neither. We both try to keep our weight down, so we'll do our best to post nutritional information about the food and make things as healthy as possible. And because we are poor students, we don't generally use ingredients nobody has heard of. I've lost count of the gluten free recipes I've wanted to try until I've realised they involve buying 5 different types of flour and gums and such. Pretty much everything can be sourced in supermarkets (or for the local students, on Oxford Road in Manchester). 

Enjoy the blog and let us know what you think!

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